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In depth interviews about developments in Business and Human Rights, explainers and human stories of precarious work.

How are Judicial Human Rights Mechanisms useful? 

How can informal work be better regulated? 

special feature: Global Living Wages

In this collection of videos, various approaches to achieving a Living Wage are showcased. 

H&M's explainer on their efforts to improve the working conditions in the textile industry and bring a fair living wage to all.

The Financial Time's Sarah O'Connor explains the UK's Living Wage Policy and how it measures up to similar pay policies around the world.

Oxfam Australia shows how the women who make our clothes aren't paid enough to escape poverty. No matter how hard they work, they can't afford basic food and shelter for their families - wages are just too low. While big, powerful brands like Kmart and Just Jeans make huge revenues, the women who make our clothes are struggling to survive on poverty wages.

special feature: precarious work in Bangladesh explored

In this collection of podcasts and videos, including an ABC Radio interview with Dr Marshall, an interactive video by The Guardian and a podcast by Planet Money, the reasons for poverty and precarious work in Bangladesh's clothing industry are explained.

Rana Plaza disaster.jpg

Bangladesh clothing industry

Part one

Why are deaths so common in Bangladesh factories?  In this ABC interview, Dr Marshall explores why the Rana Plaza disaster occurred and how brands contributed.

Bangladesh Clothing industry


In this ground breaking interactive video The Guardian journalists explore the relationship between consumers of clothes and the people who sew them in Bangladesh.


PART Three

Award winning podcast Planet Money explores why Bangladesh is stuck in a low state of development, and why clothing production isn't contributing to economic development in the way it did in other countries.