On this site you can find resources related to my latest book ‘Living Wage’ that proposes regulatory solutions to informal an precarious work in global supply chains. It is my wish that the strategy I put forward in this book can provide the basis of the re-regulation of work on a far larger, transnational scale than has previously been the case.


Press kit

The press kit contains the following documents:

  • A press release

  • Excerpts from the book

  • Shelley Marshall’s bio

  • High resolution photos of Shelley Marshall

  • Infographics

Blog posts

Here you can find blog posts based upon the book, covering a range of topics including why we need a global living wage backed by an international labour law and how such a law would work.

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video explaining why we need a global living wage

In this video, you will meet Elena, a 60-year old factory worker from Bulgaria who lost her job as a consequence of the transition to a market-based economy. You will learn about how that changed her life, and the need for a global living wage to change the lives of the millions of informal workers like Elena around the world.


Radio Interview about a global living wage on Radio Adelaide

The idea of the living wage is back on the political agenda in Australia. But how can we make this a possibility while ensuring people globally are getting paid right too? Vice Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellow and expert in corporate accountability, Shelley Marshall from RMIT University, joins Breakfast’s Zoe Kounadis and Tom Mann to discuss more. Produced by Zoe Kounadis and Tom Mann

Image Sourced:    Wikimedia

Image Sourced: Wikimedia